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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We will answer your questions about our string quartet and other ensembles you can choose as well as booking Blue Sands Music in Durham, NC for your event.

Blue Sands Music

What type of attire do you wear?

We wear all black formal attire, unless otherwise requested. You never have to worry about the appearance of our musicians. Males wear tuxedos or black suits with crisp white shirts, and the females wear black bottoms and black tops.

Will you attend wedding rehearsals

Normally we don’t attend wedding rehearsals. As professional musicians with years of experience, we don’t find it necessary to rehearse with the wedding party. If you desire for us to be present, however, special arrangements can usually be made for one member of the group to attend the rehearsal. This will incur an additional fee.

What ensembles do you have available?

We have quintets, quartets, trios, duos, and soloists for your special day .Although we are a string quartet, you can choose to add or decrease the size of the group to fit your needs. Other instruments may be added also such as harp, guitar, and flute.

How much time is needed to book BSM?

There is no specific amount of time. BSM maintains a busy schedule throughout the year. We suggest booking as soon as you know that you need quality musicians. Some of our brides book up to one year in advance, others book 2 -4 months in advance. We realize that every bride’s timeline is not the same, and that she may require our services in a much shorter time. In the event that you suddenly need music and your event is less than thirty days away, we will not turn you away. Every effort will be made to assist you. We are experienced in working under time constraints.

Will you travel?

BSM loves to travel! We would be delighted to provide music for you outside of the triangle area. Additional travel charges will apply.

Will you play outside? Will you play in all weather conditions?

Yes, we will play outside as we do regularly. Mother nature has a way of seriously damaging our instruments in some conditions, however. In order to protect them, we must set some limits. We are unable to play in direct sunlight, nor are we able to pull our instruments out when there is rain, drizzle, or snow. Extremely windy or freezing temperatures may also cause harm and are not suggested. Shaded areas or thoroughly covered tents must be provided to avoid direct sunlight. An inside backup location is suggested.

Do you play beach weddings?

On most occasions, beach weddings are accepted. You may call to inquire.

What if one of the musicians gets sick or suddenly becomes unavailable? Will I still have music for my event?

BSM will always have you covered. We have backup players to call upon. You can rest assured that our backup players are of the same high quality as our regular players, allowing you to relax.

Do you have a price list?

We have a price list for our brides but don’t post our prices on the website. Feel free to call if you have questions regarding our affordable rates.

Will you accompany a vocalist or other musician outside of your group?

We will be happy to accompany your vocalist. We can usually play along with another instrumentalist with adequate time to prepare. Normally, a short rehearsal is needed in order to ensure a quality performance. When rehearsals are necessary, an additional fee will be applied. BSM also has versatile vocalists and instrumentalists available and ready for you.

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Contact us for outstanding musical entertainment at your wedding or special event. You may call us at 919-491-6184 or send us an email using the contact form above.